My name is Kris Miranda and I am thrilled to be part of Santa Sophia Academy! I am the kindergarten teacher and I’m so excited to help shape the minds and faith of our young learners.


I was born in San Antonio, Texas but moved to Rosemount, Minnesota where I spent the majority of my childhood. I am currently engaged and will be getting married next September! Pretty soon I will become Mrs. Haupt. Outside of teaching I enjoy exercising, traveling, playing with my big German Shepherd, and cooking. 


I attended the University of Northern Iowa where I got my bachelors degree in education with a minor in literacy and emphasis in science. Upon graduation, I decided to teach overseas where I taught at American schools in Asia and the Middle East. Teaching overseas was such a valuable experience, but I am thrilled to be home where I am closer to my family and loved ones. 


My parents helped build my catholic foundation and I’m so grateful for that! I’m happy to be part of a community that shares the same morals and values as I do, and I’m even more ecstatic that I get to help guide our students through their faith journey.